Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hold Fast Or Die

I'm always down to support a product that uses Navy jargon and this is actually a cool new product versus a rebranded existing one. Tested by some of the most abusive and gnarly fixed riders around (and endorsed by John Prolly), the new Hold Fast foot retention system is a clever yet simple new design that may fit the bill for many of you out there. With a crazy amount of ankle and foot injuries this year, the HROD system will allow you to have secure non-slip foot placement yet still be able to get out quickly. Plus! No more broken toeclips. One of the things I really like is the quick adjustability so you don't always have to wear the same shoes. The HF FRS's run $55 pr. and you can get them at Hold Fast Or Die or drop them a line:

did anyone notice that guy is running 38mm's , holy crap!

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