Sunday, July 12, 2009

Skumlife Sprints & Giggles

A few people had asked me about the Nashville sprints this last weekend and I kinda dropped the ball (my bad)- plus i had to work. I'm definitely eager to get some HSV guys together to make the trip for the next event so now that you can get an idea what you're looking at, maybe you will be more pumped to make it happen. I see you guys still haven't got those fork clamps locked down and Dave, damn, your legs were a blur. Good to see MC Keith on the mic as well. I promise we will come hang out!


Fix Memphis said...

Was that Kyle holdin it down with a broken ankle?

You're right about those fork mounts. We're not saying that you have to lose them, no... legally we're not allowed to say that. We're just saying tighten. Tighten it up.

Keith said...

yeah, the setup we had was actually much nicer with the head-to-head drag style instead of 4 at a time. We are probably going for that next time, too. We also are going to have grudge matches in between breaks of the quarters, semis, and finals. We did one, but as an after thought i should have been pumping that up the whole time. I'd say late August or early September would be a safe bet for the next sprints. I'll get the flyer out earlier next time. We just had a lot of details that weren't worked out until the last week. I will get you guys some notification earlier next time. You guys missed one hell of a night.

Anonymous said...

Any stats? Max speed? durations? watts? or other weenie info?