Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stuck In The Bama Clay

Didn't he move from Florence to Atlanta, then to Bham, then out to Portland? Where ever you are these days, what up Clay? Good to see you're still out there somewhere. Either way, I totally borrowed the video from Jarrod - wish you could have made it to the race man.

Clay Caldwell @ Sunnyside from miliken on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's out in portland slummin' it. Boy could definitely get tricky on the two-wheelers

joshua said...

Yeah, he's slummin' it out in the rose city these days. that kid amazed me with his trickiness.

ponyheart said...

i thought so. we had a HSV bud move out there recently as well. I may have to hit him up when I go to visit

JSFixed said...

hey this is john from birmingham i raced in yalls race this past week and got second... i was going to ask a favor for showing up there haha... were starting a biweekly sprint and game series called The Sunday Night Skid and our first one is july 12th... if you could could you set up a link on your page in your blogs you visit... we would love to have some of yall down maybe we could work out a huntsville vs. birmingham duel or something haha but the url is

thanks again and i had alot of fun up at your race hopefully we'll see you down here!

ponyheart said...

i'm glad you sent us a line. i wanted to apologize for you guys not getting anything. it was winner take all and i had just got to the finish line. i called to find out who won so all i knew was dustin and davis. anyhow, they said you guys were really quick and probably would have won had you known the streets a little better. They ended splitting up all the prizes among the top three teams except the tattoo sooooo, i feel like you guys should have got something. I will be glad to post your link and i appreciate you coming to HUntsville.

Jarrod said...

the guilt is soo thick.
Glad you guys had fun. Everything looked really successful.