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Period Race In Boulder

Not exactly a short trip but a neat idea:

BOULDER, CO USA (October 4, 2009) L’Eroica Boulder is a “period” cycletourist rallye run over country roads North of Boulder, Colorado. Fashioned after L’Eroica Italy, an event conceived to preserve the “strade bianche” or white roads of Tuscany, L’Eroica Boulder is an energetic way to enjoy open spaces by bicycle in the ambiance of a bygone cycling era and of a simpler, gentler time.

L'Eroica Boulder is tentatively scheduled to run on Sunday, October 4, 2009, in conjunction with L'Eroica Italy. An alternate date for L'Eroica Boulder due to planning or weather is Sunday, October 11, 2009.

Steeped in tradition, L’Eroica Boulder is unlike any organized tour. The 30-mile route taking participants over a combination of asphalt and unpaved surfaces is the perfect balance to challenge not only the experienced rider, but to afford the non-cyclist an opportunity to display his or her “heroism”.

Created by some of the nation’s most celebrated local chefs, the “feed” stations along the course of L’Eroica Boulder are gastronomic. Energy bars and gels are replaced with vintage refreshments of our ancestral hero’s of the road: aged cheeses, antipasto, craft breads, fruits, traditional hams and Italian wines that freely flow.

Although there is no official rule, L’Eroica Boulder is a “period” cycletourist ride and participants are encouraged to dress in traditional costume. L’Eroica Italy attracts big old men on big old bicycles in medium-sized old jerseys, but it is the argyle socks, cotton gloves, knicker pants, leather hairnets, sport goggles, tweed caps, wool shorts and spare tires wrapped around woolen shoulders that turn a rainbow of beige into a festival of color.

Filled with bicycles from the last century (1930s-1980s), typical L’Eroica cycles feature lugged-steel frames, balloon tires and sprung saddles. But L’Eroica Boulder is a friendly cycling event were classic steel single- and 10-speeds ride along modern steeds of carbon. While L’Eroica Italy politely posts signs reading “MTB No Gratzi” or mountain bikes not welcome, L’Eroica Boulder allows participates to ride any bicycle type: city, commuter, cruiser, fixie, mountain, townie, urban and vintage; third-wheels and trailers (families) also welcome.

Should the ambience of L’Eroica Boulder capture your passion for a piece of cycling history, participants and spectators can invest in precious metal under the tented L’Eroica Exposition and Swap. Located at the start / finish area (Boulder Reservoir), the exposition and swap is where collectors, framebuilders, manufacturers and secondhand vendors display and sell vintage, traditional and modern bicycles, clothing, parts and other relics showcasing cycling history and life.

The day’s festivities conclude at the Boulder Theatre that evening for an awards ceremony and the showing of an Italian double feature: The Bicycle Thief (1948) and Il Postino (1994). L’Eroica Boulder is a must visit, must participate adventure through millennia that every bicycle enthusiast and non-cyclist should experience at least once in a lifetime, though we do hope that you come back again and again, year and year. L’Eroica Boulder – La Dolce Vita in Ciclismo!

L’Eroica USA is a Boulder, Colorado-based production company specializing in the promotion of bicycle events from a simpler, gentler time. L’Eroica USA is planning L’Eroica Boulder, a “period” cycletourist rallye run over asphalt and unpaved surfaces north of Boulder, Colorado. Based on L'Eroica Italy, a L'Eroica offers surroundings and scenes from the "heroic" times of cycling: classic bicycles, tweed and wool riding apparel, vintage refreshments including antipasto and Italian wines, and beautiful, meandering country roads. L'Eroica Boulder is a bicycle celebration of our open spaces and of a simpler life and time. To learn more about L’Eroica USA or the L’Eroica Boulder event planned for October 2009, please contact L’Eroica USA. Blog: Email:

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