Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ride For The Roses BItch

The new 2009 Ride For The Roses poster designed by mildly overplayed artist Shepard Fairey:

how about a bicycle ride tonight after 7pm, the bring a friend ride

Monday, September 21, 2009

This Is Dumb

1) dumbest soundtrack ever
2) you were coasting in parts of the video
3) that bike is really dumb (but you ride it better than i ever ever could)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Of course we saw this in Memphis a few months ago but seeing it on Tracko reminded me how fun it was:

OMG!; Hopworksfiets

Hopworksfiets, originally uploaded by Elly Blue.

Join Us For A Fatty

Huntsville's SORBA chapter will be having a Fat Tire Festival on October 3rd and 4th. I have heard rumors that this may or may not be the last festival depending on turnout so if you mountain bike, this would be a good opportunity to support the people who keep our trails so sparkling clean. Trust me, its a lot of hard work. For the rest of you, screw it, come hang out anyways. A group of us are getting a few big campsites for Saturday night fun. Whether you do the mountain rides or not, this seems like a great chance for everyone to get to know one another better and enjoy the mountain air. We have extra tents and it has been a ton of fun the past couple years so I encourage everyone to do something different and join us. Let us know if you're interested so we can make sure the site is big enough.

Don't Touch Someone Else's Bike

I personally think that he got away easy. He needs to be so F'd up that it will act as a permanent reminder to never mess with someone's property again. His nose isnt ever smeared across his face yet >: )

Bike Thief vs Street Justis from triple on Vimeo.

As reposted by Prolly

"Here's the story. I was having brunch on first ave and first street with a a couple of friends including Alfred .It was a pretty sunny day and a good there was a good amount of pedestrian traffic .Nothing unusual. Alfred went out to make a call and spotted someone looking over his bike. Nothing unusual ,he got a hot ass cannondale with hot ass wheels.the guy was average looking,had a helmet and a bag.looked like your average joe casual biker.Suddenly this dude gets on his knees and pulls out a drill.At first Alfred thought he wanted to steal his wheels,until he saw the drill.Is this what it has come out to?!people stealing bike with drills?Anyways as he was getting ready to drill the ulock,Alfred comes in the restaurant and yells,!yooooo someones trying to steal my bike,lets go get him.and let me tell you this ass hole tried stealing the wrong bike.first it was a bike messengers bike and second it was Alfred's bike and the motherFkr got a temper sometimes.so we roll out to this dude and start pounding him.my first instinct was to get my U lock and bang on him,but my bike was already locked up so , we bumbrushed this dude and started pounding him.Everybody is watching and wondering why this dude is being plumeted ,but at that point we don't give a fuck.we had to make sure this asshole dosen't do it again.me personal i have had 2 bikes stolen,in like a month apart.fuck that shit.he did't even look like a bike thief!so while pounding him i reach out to put my phone in my pocket and realized i had a camera on my wait.i pulled it out and captured the second half of the beating!

Sorry it's so hard to read, but you get the idea.

I fully support this, unlike the u-lock justice video, this guy deserved what he got. Note that the guys who jumped him, didn't over-do it. They landed a few kicks and one or two punches. The guy wasn't bleeding or banged up. Just enough to send a message. DON'T STEAL BIKES. Cops won't do anything and this guy will think twice about stealing bikes."

Stop What UR Doing And Make This Call!!

Your voice is urgently needed NOW, Today!

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on eliminating walking and biking funds today, September 16.

Yesterday, Senators John McCain (what an asshole)(Ariz.) and Tom Coburn (Okla.) issued two amendments to the FY10 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill. If passed, these amendments would eliminate the majority of available federal funds for trails, walking and bicycling.

Amendment 2370 would prohibit the use of federal funds for pedestrian or bicycle facilities, efforts to reduce vehicle collisions with wildlife, or other specified Transportation Enhancement (TE) projects if the Highway Trust Fund cannot cover unfunded highway authorizations.

Amendment 2371 would allow states to eliminate spending on TE, the nation's largest funding source for trails, walking and bicycling. Congress currently sets aside a portion of federal funds for TE to support these projects in all states.

Providing opportunities for Americans to walk, bike and take transit to get where they're going improves our communities' health and livability, reduces emissions, creates jobs and save money. These facilities make bicycling safer...we need them in Alabama!

Please call your senator NOW and ask him or her to vote AGAINST amendments 2370 and 2371 and that AL needs to build Safer AND MORE Bicycle facilities.

Sen. Jeff Sessions: 202 224-4124

Sen.Richard Shelby 202 224-5744

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stay Green Pony Boy

Often times a company can get too big and loses track of the bigger picture. Sometimes a company reaches such big proportions because they know what matters. For those who dont know, i love Trek products for one simple reason, I believe in Trek. They are one of the strongest brands in the world right now and for good reason; they care what people want. Besides being the only major american bike company that builds any bikes in the US still, they have also lead the pack in environmental efforts. This year they have the ECO line which, and i hope i don't butcher this, involves products which consider the entire life span of a product from production to its recyclable end. Bontrager is their accessory line which flows along a similar vein with products that have a greater good in mind while still maintaining complete functionality. One example is their line of seat bags that are made from scrap materials from their clothing line. Another is their water proof pannier line made from recycled inner tubes. Check out their collaboration with recycled goods designer Alchemy. Check out this review from LimitedHype

"We were able to get a first hands-on look at the new collaboration between bicycle component and accessory company Bontrager and recycled goods maker, Alchemy Goods. Here’s a collaboration that makes sense. Bontrager has been known for outfitting bikers with everything but the frame for years and every Alchemy Goods product is made from a normally discarded materials. In this case, those product are recycled bicycle innertubes, truck banners, and billboards. The uniqueness of the materials makes all Alchemy Goods waterproof and best of all, they’re all made in Seattle. Find a retailer here.

Always one to spread the love, you may call or email the Alchemy Gods Recycling Coordinator to find out if there’s a bike shop near you that recycles. Better yet, if you work at a shop, contact them to sign up for our Tube Recycling Program."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Retro Bike Porn

the bike equivalent of a smokin hot hairy-bushed 80's porn star captured forever in time (except this one's still dope to ride): Laser Blue Cinelli with Campy Record, Shamals, and a Grammo, booya!

The New Guchi Crew

This steel Yamaguchi Trials bike has been around but here is the freshly painted and built up version. This thing was crazy to ride but a total blast (i'm not exactly that great on a high-bottom bracket trials bike so it was kinda wasted with me)

Yamaguchi introduced the Magnum roadbike this spring and i showed you a model he built for a Jamaican road racer. Here we have a pic of another Magnum hangin' out at Yamaguchi Island.

The newly developed Messenger II frameset. The messenger has always been a burly built track bike with thick dropouts and more street appropriate geometry. This is the new incarnation of that bike. Im not really certain what's up with the 'cross tires but the frame is sick and very barspin friendly for when some Quicksilver inspired jam sessions break out.

More 2010 Gear

A lot of 2010 models are already out but there are a lot more that are soon to be released. After a brief hiatus, the Pista Concept has been reborn into the 2010 Super PIsta.

And this years version of the GT Gutterball:

I"m a big fan of triple triangles but i dont think it works well on this particular bike. Interbike is just around the corner and i'm sure there will be a ton of new gear to post since every bike company and their cousin has gone fixed gear crazy with more models than ever. Too bad cyclocross is about to take over as the new "it" bike.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're riding from my house tonight around 9'ish. If you need to work on your bike, get there early. Email me for directions if you've forgotten

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

**edit: ride is off - weather is crazy

Weather is going to be nice so we are definitely riding tonight

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back To Work

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, i know i did. it has been good to get out on the mtn bike. Tomorrow's ride may or may not happen depending on whether it rains. Anyhow, here are some pics of a pretty interesting Steam Punk recumbent. I will have more to post in a day or two - still enjoying the time off.

I Need A Drink

Are you fuc*ing kidding me? This has got to be the worst abomination I've seen in a minute. This bike actually makes me slightly angry for some reason. What a waste. From Fixed Gear Gallery, of course.

"I built up this baby for the Crystal Mountain Hill Climb. I had to disassemble the freehub in my Powertap hub in order to make it a fixed-gear; I did so by jamming pieces of scrap metal underneath the palls so that they held the freehub in place -- it worked great -- I could break and modulate my speed just like a normal fixie, but the power readout wasn't affected. This bike weighs 13 pounds, 1 ounce (with pedals and Powertap head unit).
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