Monday, September 14, 2009

More 2010 Gear

A lot of 2010 models are already out but there are a lot more that are soon to be released. After a brief hiatus, the Pista Concept has been reborn into the 2010 Super PIsta.

And this years version of the GT Gutterball:

I"m a big fan of triple triangles but i dont think it works well on this particular bike. Interbike is just around the corner and i'm sure there will be a ton of new gear to post since every bike company and their cousin has gone fixed gear crazy with more models than ever. Too bad cyclocross is about to take over as the new "it" bike.


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Tyler said...

ah shit SUPER PISTA!!!

Tyler said...


ponyheart said...

youre dead to me! jk we can do your new route if you want but probably not tomorrow b/c of the 70% chance of rain. who knows. you dont want to take that awesome bike lane out by providence? jk