Monday, September 14, 2009

The New Guchi Crew

This steel Yamaguchi Trials bike has been around but here is the freshly painted and built up version. This thing was crazy to ride but a total blast (i'm not exactly that great on a high-bottom bracket trials bike so it was kinda wasted with me)

Yamaguchi introduced the Magnum roadbike this spring and i showed you a model he built for a Jamaican road racer. Here we have a pic of another Magnum hangin' out at Yamaguchi Island.

The newly developed Messenger II frameset. The messenger has always been a burly built track bike with thick dropouts and more street appropriate geometry. This is the new incarnation of that bike. Im not really certain what's up with the 'cross tires but the frame is sick and very barspin friendly for when some Quicksilver inspired jam sessions break out.


Tyler said...

Sweet Guchi's

ponyheart said...

im particularly fond of the road bike

Anonymous said...

lick him

Anonymous said...

you don't have a high bottom look around