Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stay Green Pony Boy

Often times a company can get too big and loses track of the bigger picture. Sometimes a company reaches such big proportions because they know what matters. For those who dont know, i love Trek products for one simple reason, I believe in Trek. They are one of the strongest brands in the world right now and for good reason; they care what people want. Besides being the only major american bike company that builds any bikes in the US still, they have also lead the pack in environmental efforts. This year they have the ECO line which, and i hope i don't butcher this, involves products which consider the entire life span of a product from production to its recyclable end. Bontrager is their accessory line which flows along a similar vein with products that have a greater good in mind while still maintaining complete functionality. One example is their line of seat bags that are made from scrap materials from their clothing line. Another is their water proof pannier line made from recycled inner tubes. Check out their collaboration with recycled goods designer Alchemy. Check out this review from LimitedHype

"We were able to get a first hands-on look at the new collaboration between bicycle component and accessory company Bontrager and recycled goods maker, Alchemy Goods. Here’s a collaboration that makes sense. Bontrager has been known for outfitting bikers with everything but the frame for years and every Alchemy Goods product is made from a normally discarded materials. In this case, those product are recycled bicycle innertubes, truck banners, and billboards. The uniqueness of the materials makes all Alchemy Goods waterproof and best of all, they’re all made in Seattle. Find a retailer here.

Always one to spread the love, you may call or email the Alchemy Gods Recycling Coordinator to find out if there’s a bike shop near you that recycles. Better yet, if you work at a shop, contact them to sign up for our Tube Recycling Program."


Tyler said...

WOW!!! This is the kind of thing usually seen in smaller companies like Cadence. It is good to see a big name company like Trek and Bontrager to go the extra mile and produce sustainable products made from discarded materials. Very cool

ponyheart said...

yeh yeh smart ass. i'm just saying it's an honest effort and a cool idea; i'm not saying they singlehandedly ended global warming so go make another dream catcher to sell at Bonnaroo hippie >: )

clintpatty said...


Fix Memphis said...

Yeah, the panniers are nice, but take a look at the packaging on some of their other items, notably the Air Rush Regulator (CO2 inflator) and all of their shorts. While the package may be made out of recycled paper it's still 3 times the material needed for such items. Step it up Bontrager!