Monday, September 21, 2009

This Is Dumb

1) dumbest soundtrack ever
2) you were coasting in parts of the video
3) that bike is really dumb (but you ride it better than i ever ever could)


Tyler said...

I'm not sure I understand this video. Does switch between freewheel/fixed and what the fuck is wrong with Japanese people. But yeah he has got some sick moves

Tyler said...

Oh and yeah fucking horrible soundtrack

Anonymous said...

Don't really get you guys. That guy is better than you ever will be - even though his bike might look funny.

And the soundtrack works perfectly well with the moves. Reminds me of some good stake videos from the 90s.

Fucking hipsters. Get a grip.

clintpatty said...

ride tonight?

ponyheart said...

@ Anon, you're a fucking idiot. The criticism was obviously about the stupid bike, not the rider. The part where i said " is dumb" was the first clue and the "but you ride better..." was another giveaway. Secondly, jazz fucking sucks. Oh it goes with his moves and blah blah blah - gimme a break. Someone can probably play an accordion that corresponds with the moves but that doesn't make it good. And hipsters really? That word is about as overused as "bling." - move on. And how so, because we don't like dumb bastardized bikes? Please post your name next time so I know who has the awesome opinions.

@Clint, yes we are riding if its not raining. It looks like it may be clear.

anthony said...

i'll be there