Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rizzle Tizzle Trip

A few shots from our recent UA/UT trip... a whole lot of booze, a whole lot, beer, football, boots, bikes, bbq, a little vomiting, and a whole lot of fun. Thanks to all our gracious friends and hosts, j-star, b-rad, matty, big cat, the 'tooth, the Pizza Crew, and DJ Binrockin'. Preesh.


Thomas said...

Am I humping a bench? I don't know what is happening here

Matty said...

Man that was a fun weekend. Had a blast and I gotta say, the Makino looks good in that afternoon Autumn Alabama sunlight. Come back anytime Homie!

ponyheart said...

Tommy, you were taking a shortcut back across the fence and church pew. Yeh Matt, i had fun and yeh i love ur bike