Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rednecks Are Fu#king Crazy!

I saw this on Craigslist tonight and about sh*t myself. This guy has lost his mind! He is asking $2000 for a 20 year old BMX bike. I meet guys who get all teary eyed and nostalgic about some mythical white unicorn, i mean BMX bike they had as a kid and all the crazy tricks they could pull and the time they rode allllll the way down to the mall once to meet a girl. Well, time has served as a good buffer for the reality that will soon unfold for many of them as they throw a leg over another twenty inch beast and try a pitiful bunny hop up the curb. Stand back and have your cell phone ready for you are about to hear two sounds. One will be the sound of multiple forty-year-old vertebra popping and the other will be the sound of a fairy tale of similar vintage crashing to an abrupt halt. Daddy, what's wrong, why can't you stand up straight? Enter crazy birmingham country dude stage right with this beautiful steed just waiting for you to hand him a pot of gold and pedal off into the promise land. What I want to know is why this guy still has this bike and who in their right mind is going to pay that much money for something that is subpar by todays standards. Im not joking on his bike because its actually pretty cool but you cant do anything on it that people are using 20"ers for these days. I guess what i'm saying is nostalgia is expensive and dumb IMHO. BY the way, this is an active ad so if u are seriously interested in the bike give him a call. Then bring it by so i can ride it.

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