Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lead Follow Or Get Out The Way

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

Women's Lib Is Dead

Before anyone says anything, i'm gonna say this chick is nice and out there riding every day. That being said, if you were a dude and posted this, they would rip you a new asshole.

Sunday Edit from Devan Mickell on Vimeo.

Thursday Night Ride

It's supposed to rain but if it doesn't, we're gonna ride again. If it does rain, a few of us may get together and hang anyways so hit us up. Remember, Critical Mass is friday for those into that and the always fun Tour De Tuscaloosa is this Saturday (crit) and Sunday (road race).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

If it doesn't rain this Thursday (it looks like it may pass by ride time), we're ridin' again! I'll follow up thursday afternoon so lets cross our fingers. It's been a while since some of us have got together and that just can't go on any longer. This has been the coldest winter in roughly 25 years and the rainiest in about six years and i'm sick of it (plus i really need to get some more miles in on the new bike).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Nice To Be Pro

One-off carbon ttx/track bike for U23 phenom Taylor Phinney

New Yamaguchi Stayer !

Though certainly not popular in Alabama or even the United States, Stayers have a unique and rich racing heritage. It's certainly an interesting discipline that'd i love a chance to check out first hand. Many of you also know of frame building master Koichi Yamaguchi of Japanese keirin and American olympic track fame (not to mention thousands of porn-worthy track, tandem, road, and pursuit bikes out there); well this is his take on the crazy sport just as flawless as usual.





Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

No Cassettes Pt.8

NO CASSETTES PART 8 FERRER SANDERS from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.


Chris Akrigg THE MAURICE.0 from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Please contact your Alabama State Senator today!

Passed along for the always-wonderful Tricia Hart and the good of our cycling-challenged state.

"We’re almost there. The most recent development on Alabama House Bill 35, the ban on texting while driving: Senator Myron Penn has agreed to put House Bill 35 on the agenda for next Wednesday’s meeting. It will be the very first item. On Wednesday, the bill should move from the Alabama State Senate Judiciary Committee and be put up for a vote on the Senate Floor.

The offense for violating the ban has been downgraded from a primary offense to a secondary one. Despite that downgrade we are one step closer to a victory against distracted driving, which affects all road users.
When you contact your Senator, tell him:
While all distractions can endanger drivers’ safety, texting is the most alarming because it involves all three types of distraction: taking your hands off the wheel, taking your eyes off the road, and taking your mind off what you’re doing.
19 states have already passed texting bans and others have other/additional requirements. Nationally, this is the time to tackle distracted driving. Let’s not be last in this endeavor.
Find your Alabama State Senator by your zip code: Please call or write today."

Thank you for your efforts in moving this bill through.
Patricia Hart
Patricia Hart, LCI #1862
League of American Bicyclists (LAB)
Legislative Affairs Chairman,
Alabama Bicycle Coalition (AlaBike)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nature Boy, Woooooooooooh!

I gotta say i really like this bike already. (if you want one, come talk to me)

As seen over at All-City:
"Officially known as the Nature Boy (in homage of Minnesota wrestling legend Ric Flair), it is a single speed cross race bike. (and before you start in with all the jokes, yes I’ve seen that video, and yes you can ride it while wearing “tight jeans”)...

*Color: awesome lime green color, which we have yet to name for the frameset (not finalized for the complete)
*Tubing: 4130 Double Butted Chromoly steel main triangle, 4130 tapered stays and fork blades, externally butted seat tube. The same steel as on the Big Block, and if you’ve ridden one of those, you know that this thing is gonna rip
*ED coated tubes, inside and out. More on this later, but basically this beauty is rust proofed inside and out
*Removable canti bosses. if you’re not using them, lose them
*Internal cable routing
*Fast as hell
*Aggressive race geometry
*Hidden fender mounts on the inside of the stays
*Reinforced water bottle bosses, two of ‘em
*Tire clearance 38c’s

This bike continues the styling cues and aesthetics of the Big Block. What we’ve tried to do is create modern classics, frames that draw on the best elements of modern and traditional bicycle construction and put them into a package that is within reach of most riders. This is why we’ve chosen to do lugged crowns, brazed on fork ends, our own custom dropouts and headbadge, brazed on seat collars, reinforced bosses etc. For the Nature Boy we’ve added internal cable routing, hidden fender mounts, and removable canti studs to the mix.

The internal routing is not only beautiful, but also provides the added benefit of being easier to shoulder over barriers and provides a cleaner look if you’re riding fixed gear and not using the rear brake. The canti studs are removable in a nod to our fixie crowd. If you’re not using them, take them off for weight savings and a nicer profile.

The geometry is a mix of traditional cross and track. You’ll find aggressive headtube angles and slightly steeper than traditional cross seattubes. Coming from a track bike background we like a fast handling bike (fast, but not twitchy) and are accustomed to sitting over the cranks a little more, so we designed the Nature Boy to be a little steeper than some of the other cross bikes you’ll see out there. We feel like we’ve found an optimal blend of comfort and handling, and plan on using this thing for commuting, day trips out of the city, 100 mile gravel races, singletrack riding, and of course racing cross. It’s a hoot to ride, and we’re really excited about the Nature Boy’s possibilities and hope you are too..."

nature boy 018




Monday, March 1, 2010

So This Is Pretty Much What Happens In Huntsville Everyday

youre just hanging out freestylin' with your totally heterosexual friends when some sheisty fems roll up on their race bikes and serve your ass.