Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Yamaguchi Stayer !

Though certainly not popular in Alabama or even the United States, Stayers have a unique and rich racing heritage. It's certainly an interesting discipline that'd i love a chance to check out first hand. Many of you also know of frame building master Koichi Yamaguchi of Japanese keirin and American olympic track fame (not to mention thousands of porn-worthy track, tandem, road, and pursuit bikes out there); well this is his take on the crazy sport just as flawless as usual.






clintpatty said...

that fork rake is designed for racing?

ponyheart said...

they motor pace motorcycles in a velodrome so they want to be as far forward as possible to stay in the slipstream otherwise they have no chance of winning...hit speeds over 60mph. the fork is turned around to allow them to get further forward so if they hit the roller on the back of the motorcycle, it wont spin the fork around

Brad John said...

What are the dimensions of the front/ rear wheel?

clintpatty said...

that's intense