Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ride

The thursday night ride was way too much fun as usual. We had a good crew or fifteen or so (remember this is a fixed ride in Huntsville not San Fran or PDX...), all great guys tonight. As the ride goes on, it's interesting to see who becomes the regulars each season. This year definitely has some drag-happy riders who are a little less trick oriented than past years but quick as shit. Tonight's ride was a little slower than the past few weeks but still a good pace. I have to say we have some good people coming out this year and i couldn't be happier.

As usual, we ended up at Voodoo where, despite honest intentions to play a couple games of darts and leave, things have a way of growing a mind of their own and very few dropped off through the night until we were specifically called out to leave the bar. I guess that counts for something. Actually, it probably doesn't. I have to give props to Davis for getting up on stage and playing three or four songs while only butchering one or two and to tommy who seemed way to eager to go back up holmes afterwards. Gigantor was raging all over the bar because he always has to go down on the R.C. handshake but that's just the hand you were dealt in life son. It'll be okay.

More great news tonight; I met the new brewer in town who was told about the alleycat in June and wants to sponsor the race plus we keep recruiting more and more new people to ride so life is good.

Train locally; Place Globally

For those of you who haven't been following the Tour of the Gila, what's wrong with you? Anyhow, a close look at the numbers goes on to show how much ass Huntsville is kicking, not just in the south but nationally. Thus far, local elite pro Mike Olheiser is 21st, just ahead of upcoming pro Lance Armsomething. Equally impressive is Huntsvillian Miroslav Novak who is fifth in the Mens 40+ category. If you want to keep up with the tour, check out their site at Tour of the Gila.

19 3:49:46. 0:01:28 Landis Floyd OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro CO 20272
20 3:49:59. 0:01:41 Shelden Taylor U25 Holowesko Partners Cycling Boulder CO 211114
21 3:49:59. 0:01:41 Olheiser Michael Moontoast Racing huntsville AL 133375
22 3:50:04. 0:01:46 Armstrong Lance Team Mellow Johnny's

1 3:24:43. 0:00:00 583 Zoldak Frank Vic's Espresso & Peerless Tires Boulder CO 260369
2 3:26:24. 0:01:41 514 Choi Brian Vitamin Water/Folsom Bike Folsom CA 125834
3 3:26:24. 0:01:41 556 Pugh Mike Echelon Gran Fondo/ZteaM Davis CA
4 3:26:24. 0:01:41 577 wehn kenny colavita racing new mexico colorado CO 253798
5 3:27:32. 0:02:49 553 Novak Miroslav Alabama Masters Cycling Huntsville AL 122097

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


we met a few of these guys last year, good people, and definitely been to a few of these spots. nice little edit out of LA

Spring Edit from Beaver on Vimeo.

LA painting

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Huntsville Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat Alleycat Race

After the fun and success of the Hot Mess alleycat last year, we have recovered and regrouped to present an event that promises to be even bigger and better; The Huntsville Lucky Cat. This years event has more sponsors, more prizes, and even more fun. Last year was a teams race and was winner takes all. This worked out fine but i have to say the Birmingham guys, had they known their way around a little better, probably would have taken it all. When designing the race, we worked hard to level the playing field this year and have gone on to have an overall winner, then broke it down further to mens categories, womens categories, and quickest out-of-towner categories. Having a lot more sponsors and hands gives us the opportunity to hook it the fu*k up. Last year had several challenges at the various stops and this year will try and top it.

Our aim this year is to remind Huntsville how much fun you can have on a bike and let's face it, this city needs a good kick in the ass in that department. Let's revitalize the cycling scene and support those who support us. The proceeds from this years race will go directly to the hard-working non-profit group Life Cycles Bicycle Co-op which has been up and running strong since 2003.

Please support and thank all of our great sponsors. The folks over at Art & Soul Tattoo are very talented and have roots in the North Alabama cycling scene. What kind of after party could we have without the local brewery that was so integral in Free The Hops, the always cold and tasty Olde Towne Brewery; Local events deserve local beer! Transplanted from Minneapolis, but now based in Huntsville, the family owned Scallywags Coffee has generously contributed to the race and has a really great product and history. Take time to check out their website while sipping on their latest blend. Back again from last year is Bicycle Etc. which has been the start of the tuesday/thursday night ride for a few years now and has a killer selection of track bike parts and accessories. We are very fortunate to have Mellow Mushroom on board with us this year. You may not be aware of this but MM actually sponsors several cycling races throughout the year and we're really excited to have them support our little unconventional event. One of, if not the best reads out there is Urban Velo who graciously contributed to this years race. These guys write about the stuff we like to hear about, use the stuff we want to use and back the little guys like us. Tell them we sent you. Awww, last and certainly not least by any means, we are extremely pleased to be supported by Chrome Messenger Bags which goes to show that they understand exactly who their customers are. We are not LA, SF, PDX, or NY, but we have cyclists that are every-bit-as-fanatical and need products that work; Chrome makes products that survive and they support the community that supports them.

Chrome Messenger Bags
Art & Soul Tattoo
Urban Velo
Life Cycles Bicycle Co-op
Lincoln Mill
Bicycle Etc.
Mellow Mushroom
Olde Towne Brewery
Scallywags Coffee

** and for those interested, a few photos from last year's race Hot Mess

Art In The Age Presents: Seabear "Lion Face Boy" In-store Performance from Art In The Age on Vimeo.

Giant X Bahati Bike

Thursday Night Ride

Thursday, April 22, 2010

C'mon And Ride

The Thursday Night ride is on as usual as long as it doesn't rain.

Sunday at 4pm is Bicycle Polo. Get up with me or Angry Jim if you're gonna play.

Record Club: INXS "Need You Tonight" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Not Bad

thanks for everyone who rode tonight. we had a respectable 18 or 19 people ride which is not bad for Huntsville on a random thursday. At least 16 made it to the end. Sorry to the guys who got dropped; its hard to keep up with so many different riders.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Top 50 Cycling Cities This Year

Here is the official list put together by Bicycling magazine. "Bicycling only considered cities with populations of 100,000 or more, and the magazine strove for geographical diversity to avoid having a list dominated by California’s many bike-oriented cities" I see Chatanooga ranks fairly well but i dont see a single Alabama city, don't see Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, or any other nearby southern cities for that matter. Aw, we suck again.

1. Minneapolis
2. Portland, OR
3. Boulder, CO
4. Seattle
5. Eugene, OR
6. San Francisco
7. Madison, WI
8. New York City
9. Tucson, AZ
10. Chicago
11. Austin, TX
12. Denver, CO
13. Washington, DC
14. Ann Arbor, MI
15. Phoenix/Tempe, AZ
16. Gainesville, FL
17. Albuquerque, NM
18. Colorado Springs, CO
19. Salem, OR
20. Scottsdale, AZ
21. Louisville, KY
22. Chattanooga, TN
23. Long Beach, CA
24. Cary, NC
25. Milwaukee
26. Boston
27. Philadelphia
28. Pittsburgh
29. Charleston, SC
30. Arlington, VA
31. Sioux Falls, SD
32. Boise, ID
33. Kansas City, MO
34. Columbus, OH
35. Tulsa, OK
36. Grand Rapids, MI
37. Billings, MT
38. St. Louis
39. Cleveland
40. Greensboro, NC
41. Lexington-Fayette, KY
42. Omaha, NE
43. Salt Lake City
44. Miami
45. Indianapolis
46. Fargo, ND
47. Anchorage, AK
48. Baltimore
49. Little Rock, AR
50. Rochester, NY

and Huntsville was ranked dead last*

*not really but it feels that way
(on a random note, you'd be surprised how many people i meet each week here in Huntsville who don't know how to spell bicycle)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alex Royal

My BFF This Year

The Bicycle Film Festival is coming back to Memphis this year and you have plenty of time to get your act together and make the trip. A few of us went last year and had a some of the best times in recent memory. For those not familiar with the festival, really? Kidding. I think they put it best;

"The Bicycle Film Festival celebrates the bicycle. We are into all styles of bikes and biking. If you can name it - Tall Bike Jousting, Track Bikes, BMX, Alleycats, Critical Mass, Bike Polo, Cycling to Recumbents - we've probably either ridden or screened it. What better way to celebrate these lifestyles than through art, film, music and performance? We bring together all aspects of bicycling to advocate its ability to transport us in many ways."

The dates for Memphis this year are May 21st - 23rd, so over a month away.

Memphis BFF
On Our Way To
Bike Valet
After the party...

Thursday Night Ride

sooooo, not sure who did the original poster but thanx. ride is going to be flat this week and fun. prolly do hills next thursday to work out some kinks in HHMII. if anyone has a bike Brandon can use, let us know, his was borrowed. Bring lights of some kind and some beer/burrito $$. I think we will have a few surprise riders this time (if they show up) so should be a good time.

Monday, April 12, 2010


and yes we are riding Thursday night

STOLEN BIKE: Keep An Eye Out For It


Brandon's Alien got snatched last night so keep an eye out for it. You are looking for a light blue Alien frame and fork with Miche Cranks, Thompson post, Deda quill stem, Gold Nitto riser bars and Velocity wheels (veep in the rear/aerohead up front). The bike is brakeless so I have to imagine useless to the thief and probably up for sale. If you see it, call the cops and get a hold of us please.

This is a horrible pic but kinda gives you an idea what it looks like. The bright gold risers and distinctive Long Shen dropouts stand out. Bike is not drilled.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Original Gangsta

Bicycles may not be as common place in the work force as they once were but things are slowly changing. While I'm not aware of any messenger service currently in Alabama, that hasn't always been the case. Here is a young bicycle messenger from Birmingham, Alabama (october 1914) Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine

Thursday, April 8, 2010

University At Home

Is having a race this weekend. Go out and support the local guys this Saturday (road race) and Sunday (campus crit). I lost the link for more information but hopefully one of them will chime in with a comment leading to better details. Good luck guys!

Pearl Izumi Lands On Uranus


...another good ride down with a few of us hitting up, youre not going to believe this, Voodoo afterwards. Good seeing some peeps we havent seen much over the winter and thanks to Dave for not playing angry lesbian music like last winter's Tuesday nights. Next week may be hilly so don't punk out on us.

Done And Done Right

Scott's LEADER 729TRK
Scott's LEADER 729TRK
Scott's LEADER 729TRK

Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Shots from Thursday

I've been kinda slacking on posts and this is no exception. Here are some horrible phone shots from last night's ride. we keep picking up more and more riders and it has been really fun so far so come join us next thursday.

post-ride dart action:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Night Ride And News

Weather's gonna be nice and we already have a decent group so bring it.

Also, we did another small run of shirts if you're interested...already low on mediums so speak up.

blog shirts

Ride leaves out shortly after 7pm; get there early if you need to work on your bike. It'll be late when we get bak so bring lights.
As seen on Campus:

Trek roadie