Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Huntsville Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat Alleycat Race

After the fun and success of the Hot Mess alleycat last year, we have recovered and regrouped to present an event that promises to be even bigger and better; The Huntsville Lucky Cat. This years event has more sponsors, more prizes, and even more fun. Last year was a teams race and was winner takes all. This worked out fine but i have to say the Birmingham guys, had they known their way around a little better, probably would have taken it all. When designing the race, we worked hard to level the playing field this year and have gone on to have an overall winner, then broke it down further to mens categories, womens categories, and quickest out-of-towner categories. Having a lot more sponsors and hands gives us the opportunity to hook it the fu*k up. Last year had several challenges at the various stops and this year will try and top it.

Our aim this year is to remind Huntsville how much fun you can have on a bike and let's face it, this city needs a good kick in the ass in that department. Let's revitalize the cycling scene and support those who support us. The proceeds from this years race will go directly to the hard-working non-profit group Life Cycles Bicycle Co-op which has been up and running strong since 2003.

Please support and thank all of our great sponsors. The folks over at Art & Soul Tattoo are very talented and have roots in the North Alabama cycling scene. What kind of after party could we have without the local brewery that was so integral in Free The Hops, the always cold and tasty Olde Towne Brewery; Local events deserve local beer! Transplanted from Minneapolis, but now based in Huntsville, the family owned Scallywags Coffee has generously contributed to the race and has a really great product and history. Take time to check out their website while sipping on their latest blend. Back again from last year is Bicycle Etc. which has been the start of the tuesday/thursday night ride for a few years now and has a killer selection of track bike parts and accessories. We are very fortunate to have Mellow Mushroom on board with us this year. You may not be aware of this but MM actually sponsors several cycling races throughout the year and we're really excited to have them support our little unconventional event. One of, if not the best reads out there is Urban Velo who graciously contributed to this years race. These guys write about the stuff we like to hear about, use the stuff we want to use and back the little guys like us. Tell them we sent you. Awww, last and certainly not least by any means, we are extremely pleased to be supported by Chrome Messenger Bags which goes to show that they understand exactly who their customers are. We are not LA, SF, PDX, or NY, but we have cyclists that are every-bit-as-fanatical and need products that work; Chrome makes products that survive and they support the community that supports them.

Chrome Messenger Bags
Art & Soul Tattoo
Urban Velo
Life Cycles Bicycle Co-op
Lincoln Mill
Bicycle Etc.
Mellow Mushroom
Olde Towne Brewery
Scallywags Coffee

** and for those interested, a few photos from last year's race Hot Mess

Art In The Age Presents: Seabear "Lion Face Boy" In-store Performance from Art In The Age on Vimeo.


Mark Durling said...

noooooooooo I'll be back in town the week after that. Shite.

ponyheart said...

dammit, i'll be in Portland the week after it. That sucks, cant race or even just hang out. How hard would it be to move your schedule up a week? impossible right?

clintpatty said...

Intervals resume when the semester is over.


im gonna try and bring some atlanta folk for this

Mark Durling said...

I'll probably be in town the 12th and 13th then again the next weekend the 19th and 20th

ponyheart said...

sorry for the delay but it would be awesome if u brought some ATL people!