Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ride

The thursday night ride was way too much fun as usual. We had a good crew or fifteen or so (remember this is a fixed ride in Huntsville not San Fran or PDX...), all great guys tonight. As the ride goes on, it's interesting to see who becomes the regulars each season. This year definitely has some drag-happy riders who are a little less trick oriented than past years but quick as shit. Tonight's ride was a little slower than the past few weeks but still a good pace. I have to say we have some good people coming out this year and i couldn't be happier.

As usual, we ended up at Voodoo where, despite honest intentions to play a couple games of darts and leave, things have a way of growing a mind of their own and very few dropped off through the night until we were specifically called out to leave the bar. I guess that counts for something. Actually, it probably doesn't. I have to give props to Davis for getting up on stage and playing three or four songs while only butchering one or two and to tommy who seemed way to eager to go back up holmes afterwards. Gigantor was raging all over the bar because he always has to go down on the R.C. handshake but that's just the hand you were dealt in life son. It'll be okay.

More great news tonight; I met the new brewer in town who was told about the alleycat in June and wants to sponsor the race plus we keep recruiting more and more new people to ride so life is good.


anthony said...

Thursday was great all around.

ponyheart said...

were you there? jk it was random but definitely fun and i finally got to meet yoko and t-rex. what a treat, ha.