Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 50 Cycling Cities This Year

Here is the official list put together by Bicycling magazine. "Bicycling only considered cities with populations of 100,000 or more, and the magazine strove for geographical diversity to avoid having a list dominated by California’s many bike-oriented cities" I see Chatanooga ranks fairly well but i dont see a single Alabama city, don't see Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, or any other nearby southern cities for that matter. Aw, we suck again.

1. Minneapolis
2. Portland, OR
3. Boulder, CO
4. Seattle
5. Eugene, OR
6. San Francisco
7. Madison, WI
8. New York City
9. Tucson, AZ
10. Chicago
11. Austin, TX
12. Denver, CO
13. Washington, DC
14. Ann Arbor, MI
15. Phoenix/Tempe, AZ
16. Gainesville, FL
17. Albuquerque, NM
18. Colorado Springs, CO
19. Salem, OR
20. Scottsdale, AZ
21. Louisville, KY
22. Chattanooga, TN
23. Long Beach, CA
24. Cary, NC
25. Milwaukee
26. Boston
27. Philadelphia
28. Pittsburgh
29. Charleston, SC
30. Arlington, VA
31. Sioux Falls, SD
32. Boise, ID
33. Kansas City, MO
34. Columbus, OH
35. Tulsa, OK
36. Grand Rapids, MI
37. Billings, MT
38. St. Louis
39. Cleveland
40. Greensboro, NC
41. Lexington-Fayette, KY
42. Omaha, NE
43. Salt Lake City
44. Miami
45. Indianapolis
46. Fargo, ND
47. Anchorage, AK
48. Baltimore
49. Little Rock, AR
50. Rochester, NY

and Huntsville was ranked dead last*

*not really but it feels that way
(on a random note, you'd be surprised how many people i meet each week here in Huntsville who don't know how to spell bicycle)


marshmallow said...

Birmingham, Memphis, and Jacksonville were noted to be the three worst in the country. They said Memphis would probably get off the list soon if they update some of their laws and adopt their bike/ped plan from 2001.

Noren said...

Ha! Minneapolis would of get it last year , but there was a rumor of a douche bag framebuilder there.

ponyheart said...

actually i heard that same fact. it's a matter of science (and politics to some degree). Maybe if the city had joined hands and has a Fruit Stripe Gum day like they promised, thing would have taken off. smart asses.

Noren said...

Ha. I would of responded sooner, but I was chewing too much Fruit Stripe gum.