Monday, May 24, 2010

Friendly Reminder

The alleycat is just twelve days away. I think we're going to have a good turnout with kids from Nashville, Bham, Florence, and ATL making the drive. Out of town guys that need a place to crash,drop me a line so I can make arrangements at one of the houses. Also, please check back for directions and race specifics in a few days. We have nailed down the categories as follows:

*1st overall winner

*1st place mens
*2nd place mens
*3rd place mens

*1st place womens
*2nd place womens
*3rd place womens

*1st place Out-of-towner
*2nd place Out-of-towner
*3rd place Out-of-towner

*and probably a sprint, maybe, most likely

Lucky Cat Alleycat Race

If you have any questions, please contact Chris at


clintpatty said...

This means that road bikes and fixed gears are treated equally?

ponyheart said...

that's correct. i would like to keep it as fair as possible across the board since its about having fun on bikes. youre pretty quick so i'm sure youre not even considering your road bike right? >: )

Anonymous said...

Clint has to ride the Big Dummy.

clintpatty said...

Big Dummy is not fair, it's more aero than the fixed gear, and I can hold a 25 pace with a lot less effort on it than the fixed. I'd climb a hill up to the size of Drake faster on the fixed though.

Kenny Sharber said...

Murfreesboro and Memphis are comin too:)

ponyheart said...

oh hell yes! its going to get crazy