Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mark Your Calendars

On your way back from the Bicycle Film Festival, swing through Flo-town and join in on the Road Runner Alleycat race which benefits the Art Hive. Support alabama cycling culture by jumping in feet first. I am pretty sure a couple of us are going to make this so let us know if you wanna tag along.


notquitealibrarian said...

Aaaaand if you're NOT headed back to Alabama from BFF and wanna stay a day in Memphis, there's an alleycat there on the 23rd as well.

Not to poach people, but yeah, just wanted to spread the word. Details over on my blog (

ponyheart said...

ha, its cool. We don't mind sharing. Maybe you can also post something about our big annual alleycat June 5th?

notquitealibrarian said...

Yeah no problem - is the info up somewhere?

ponyheart said...

here ya go:

thanks man