Friday, May 21, 2010

Wait What

Sorry about the huge pic, saw this over at SWIPELIFE and was amazed at what passes for a designer bike. I thought FGG had the market covered on conversions with colored chains and ridiculous bars. Actually, it may just be the no-offset stem that makes the bars seem weird. Either way, here's the article with more pics from SWIPELIFE.
"Design house Norman-Copenhagen has been around now for more than a decade giving the world a mix of traditional and non-traditional products for everyday use. Their latest venture leads into the fascinating world of bicycles which is designed by Anne Lehmanne. As mentioned by the company, it is a classic man’s bike with an urbane style. It has a 50’s inspired lightness and comes in two colors: antrhacite grey and green. Limited to 50, each bike has been hand built by professional cycle builders. They will be sold from October 2010 through the Norman Copenhagen Flagship Store, through their online shop, and selected stores worldwide." ...and only a mere 1600 euro

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