Thursday, June 10, 2010

The H.A.F.R. (humid as fu*# ride)

So I didn't make a flier or post anything about riding tonight because, well, i thought it was going to piss rain like last night. I checked the radar at lunch and it should have but somehow, it was clear as could be. Well, except for the 200% humidity of course. Luckily everyone else knew more than me and showed up and waited for me to go grab my bike. Thanks. So I promised that after the alleycat, we were going to get back to some more challenging rides instead of the flat-and-fast Bandito rides. After all was said and done, most of us finished the night with around 25 hilly-ass muggy miles. Tonight was also Eric's last night since he is moving out west in about nine hours. Hopefully minus a print or two. Also new, we hit up Big Eds for food and beer. Three-dollar semi-dank-beer mini pitchers! All in all a fun night for sure.

I'm already getting a little choked up but here is Eric's last Rocket City Handshake before he goes. If only I had the new iphone, i would have had a flash to better capture the moment, ha. Of course he's so freaking tall I could only capture about a third of his arm.

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