Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seen Over At Bello

I was actually looking over at Bello to see if they had the article I saw in the Times about texting while driving. Then i saw the following post which i missed:

From the HSV Times Letters to the Editor , I would much rather see a bicycle mafia than the current good ole boys network which is currently in place. The race to the bottom has been won by this 3rd world state and douche bags like this are why. South Hatesville zip code as well. I do not agree with the parking ordinance, I think tax dollars from the city should be used for bike parking. Might be time for this welfare state to start paying it's own way and get off the federal tit.
Bicycle Mafia

Is Bicycle Mafia taking over Huntsville? We already have 158 miles of bike routes. How many do we need? How many bicycle, as opposed to auto, licenses have been issued?
Don't get me wrong, I like bikes. I've lived in Holland where bicycles and autos share the road equally.
But Holland has more bikes than cars to begin with. The whole country has the same rules and they've been in place for a long time. Also the Dutch climate is somewhat different from here.
Bikers should be able to pedal through parks and greenways. Likewise a route or a few intersecting routes to get around town. We don't need every street or very many of them where bikes share lanes originally designed for cars, with cars.
Good for Tommy Battle to push bikes and ride around City Hall once a year on a weekend. But, I don't need to see his backside creeping along a major thoroughfare at rush hour when I'm in a hurry and all lanes are full of cars. Share the road, but sensibly?
Making new businesses or apartments reserve so many places for bike racks smacks of Big Brother.
If they're needed or are asked for I'm sure they'll be there. City Council should not pass such an ordinance. In fact they shouldn't even vote on it until all of them ride to the meeting from their homes on a bike (no fair jumping on one just for the final photo op).
Bill Barry
Huntsville, 35803

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Anonymous said...

That's how we roll in south HSV. I love my neighbors.

If I'm part of a mafia, then I'm gonna start packin'.