Saturday, July 24, 2010

text ban

for those who didn't hear, the city passed the bill to ban texting or checking email while driving. im pleasantly suprised. now lets see it's enforced. just last night we had some asshole texting as he passed by our ride and last week i had a teenage girl "drive" by holding the wheel with her knees while using both hands to text. if i could have caught up with that bitch... anyhow, so yeh, some good news for the valley. still, dont ever move here if youre not already trapped.


Anonymous said...

There were 3 more assholes who were on their phone texting as I rode home on Whitesburg that night. I think one woman didn't see me until the last minute as she got into the left lane and slowly texted by.

ponyheart said...

in some places, if youre even seen holding your phone it's a pretty hefty fine. the way it should be.

incognito said...

Yep, I see people texting or with their phones stuck to their ears on about every ride I take. I'm afraid it will be hard to stop unless they could somehow take away their cell phones for doing that while driving or an application is made that disables the phones whenever a certain speed is reached via using the smart phones GPS.