Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get A BMX Bike Son

Reason #987 that CMX blows, besides that no-talent one-trick bitch we all love... here at least the tricks are good, but they could be so much better on a bike made for it... I respect riders with skills which i think these guys have but fu#k i hate people doing tricks on fixed gears. If you want to limit yourself with it, then go as big as bmx or quit making videos, not saying you dont have skills but saying 700cmx is fu#king retarded.

Skate Park Day from steven jensen on Vimeo.


anthony said...

3 stair for life

Matty said...

As much as I hate to say it, these guys are pretty rad. I feel really conflicted about trick riding like this on a track bike when a BMX is so clearly a better designed bike for the exact tricks they are forcing on their skate-fixies or whatever.. But, I gotta give 'em props for tearing it up out there. I suppose I'll just stick to riding fast on the street and the occasional wheelie..