Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Kid Is What's Wrong With America



Anonymous said...

I think it's worth pointing out that there is an aerospoke on the header of this page. That knife cuts both ways I'm afraid.

ponyheart said...

lol, if it makes any difference that bike was stolen. I guess what irritates me (no its not the end of the world or going to make me lose any sleep...) is how many videos are out there that start out with the "blah blah blah fixed gear, you pedal forward it goes forward; you pedal backwards... just feel more in touch with the bike..." dribble? It's cool they made a video and the quality is better than most but the content is tragically cliche' and played out. NOt trying to be an ass just throwing out my two-cents and when you make something public like this, it's best not to do so with thin skin. Much like this blog, when things are slow I basically repost and comment aloud with the full realization that i'm bound to eventually receive criticism. Yes I realize the irony of having an aerospoke on the header; touche', lol.